Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Active Lesson Plans for Early Learners

Here are some of my favorite active lesson plans-kid tested, parent and teacher approved.  I teach kids 1-18yrs old physical skills, life skills, and martial arts skills at my school - Flying Tiger Self Defense.

These lesson plans can be used by teachers of:
-Traditional P.E.
-Homeschool P.E.

If you are busy like me, sometimes you just don't have time to create a full lesson and need some inspiration.  I can help you with this.

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What's Bugging You? 

The goal of this lesson is to teach social and emotions skills while playing games. This will give you activities you can play all month long with your kids.

Learn about the Furious Fly, the Sad Spider, and the Anxious Ant, plus much more.

Let's Move 

Let's get the wiggles out. This lesson will help your students develop coordination, balance, strength, and get their wiggles out. I recommend it for Pre-K to 2nd Grade, but it could easily be adapted for all ages.

Jump, Run, Hop, & Shuffles with lots of activity ideas and variations provided to keep the skills fun and develop coordination, strength, and balance.

Autumn Fun

Teach your kids about autumn while playing active games.
Suggested Age - Preschool - Kindergarten, but this can be adapted for any age.

We had lots of success last year with this lesson and I plan to use it again this Sep and Oct. Lots of imagination and movement. Crawling through haystacks, pumpkin rolls, Owl eye spy and much more.

October Fall Fest 

Teach your kids about the traditions of October with these active games that will help them develop strength, coordination, and balance. Easily tailored for any kind of teacher for young kids: preschool, kindergarten, karate, jiu-jitsu, dance, music, tumbling, and gymnastics.

Bob for apples, play pumpkin pass, pumpkin balance beam, pumpkin rolls, and fly like a bat.



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