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Homeschool Curriculum Guides

Introducing a simple, flexible, stress-free, and fun curriculum guide for homeschoolers.
Kid tested & parent approved.

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Why did I create a Curriculum Guide?

I find that parents want to homeschool and believe in the benefits, but find it hard, difficult, time-consuming, and eventually, lose motivation.

So, I put my knowledge, experience, and skills on paper in a written guide for you to make homeschooling simple, stress-free, and fun. Honestly, it doesn't have to be hard.

I have done the research, testing, and organized a plan for you.  All you have to do is skim through the guide, make a few choice and start making learning fun and easy. Kid tested and approved.

Why a Curriculum Guide?

Because not every child and family is the same and has the same needs.  There are hundreds of great curriculum out there, and I recommend my favorites in the guides.  I tell you how to use them.  I give you a structure to follow, but I leave you options for flexibility.

I don't believe in pinning every child to one curriculum. This is crazy.  Isn't that one of the reasons you choose to homeschool? The all-for-one common core is failing and wasn't working for you and your child.  You want to tailor your child's education to your beliefs and their interests.  I have designed an easy curriculum guide so that you can do this.

How much time is required? Homeschool seems to take so much prep.

Very little prep and time. Remember, the goal is stress-free and minimal experience required. You become the "facilitator" of learning, not the "teacher." This means less fighting, arguing, and stress of preparing lessons.

Homeschool needs to be fun, tailored to your child and stress-free for you.  I believe I have made a curriculum guide that does this.

Honestly, a daily lesson doesn’t need to be tough or long.  Studies have shown that over 50% of a child’s day in traditional school is spent waiting on the class while the teacher deals with disciplinary issues. When you subtract administration time and recess, the strictly academic time is only about 10-20% of the day.  So in a 4-hour traditional kindergarten class only 20-45 minutes maybe strictly lessons on any given day.  So, keep it simple at home.

Daily lessons don’t have to be long and boring.  You can also break up a lesson into multiple segments throughout the day and keep each segment to as short as 10 minutes. Repetition is key, so choose the activity that fits your child's interest.  Keep the learning segments to 30-45 minutes max, and you will have success.

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Will my child meet grade level expectations?

This is a can of worms question that can lead to lots of debate.  But, the simple answer is YES! Chances are your child will be on grade level or ahead. And your child will be better off than thrown into the masses of the public school system. Really, how many of those kids are on grade level?  In my area only 50% meet the grade.  I'm not taking my chances with that.

Don't worry about grade level and if your child is doing enough. Your child will learn at their own pace, and this is why you are homeschooling.  So DON"T WORRY ABOUT IT! Yes, I am shouting at you. This is a traditional school mindset that has to be overcome if you are ever going to enjoy and excel in homeschool.

Honestly, we don’t worry about time, age, grade, or schedule. We just learn. If it’s an off day, we don’t worry about a formal lesson. That is usually a great day for a “field trip.” While camping, we find ways to explore learning subjects or we throw in a learning activity when down time is needed.

I find that even with this flexible schedule, my kids spend less time completing formal lessons than traditional schoolers and they are on grade level or ahead.  However, I don’t worry about grade level. If they struggle in a subject, we work on that subject at their level and not at their assigned grade level.  All kids learn at different rates, so we follow their learning pace.

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Homeschool Curriculum Guides

Introducing a simple, flexible, stress-free, and fun curriculum guide for homeschoolers. Kid tested & parent approved. Download Gu...

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